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International Resources

The ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee (IRC) is staffed by volunteers representing the regions of the world. Working throughout the year, we facilitate worldwide collaboration within the SIGGRAPH community and encourage participation in all programs and events that are part of ACM SIGGRAPH.

At the SIGGRAPH conference, the IRC hosts the International Center, housing a visitor-services booth to welcome our international visitors, a lounge, and the ACM SIGGRAPH Theater: a space for meetings, talks, and demos. At the SIGGRAPH Asia conference, we host a visitor-services booth. We are responsible for organizing all the regional meetings, covering all continents, and also for the well-known Women in CG panel.

Throughout the year, other duties include:

  • Providing English Review Service for submissions to the conference.
  • Producing information services that make the conference more accessible to international attendees (multilingual podcasts of programs like Emerging Technologies, Art Gallery, and VR Village, and web content).
  • Connecting with ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters, Education Committee, the Digital Arts Community, and other international entities.

Are you a planetary citizen interested in international culture and the state of computer graphics across the globe? The International Resources Committee is always looking for people interested in joining us, to help with our year-round activities, including work at the SIGGRAPH conferences. Connect with us to find out more:

Organization Volunteer Form

ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee Chair

Diana Arellano