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Exhibitor Marketing Toolkit

The SIGGRAPH 2017 Exhibition is where business gets done. You have made a significant investment by choosing to exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2017, and we want it to be successful for you. To make the most of your investment, the industry needs to know you will be at SIGGRAPH 2017

We created this toolkit to make it easy for you to tell customers, vendors, media, and business prospects that you will be exhibiting at SIGGRAPH 2017. More people at the show means more business at your booth, it’s that simple.


VIP Promotion Code Flyer (8.5" x 11")

Use your VIP registration promo code supplied by SIGGRAPH 2017 Exhibition Management, Hall-Erickson, Inc., to get your guests free Exhibits Only registration to the SIGGRAPH 2017 Exhibition. Enter your company/organization, booth number, and promo code in the appropriate fields in the editable PDF below. Save as a PDF and send to your VIPs for access.

Download Flyer (175 KB PDF)



Web Banner Ads (Various Sizes)

Web banner ads in five popular sizes can be customized with your company logo and booth number. Download a ZIP file at the size you require below, which contains an editable Adobe Photoshop file (PSD). Simply add your logo and input your booth number in the space provided. Save the files as PNG or JPEG and they'll be ready to supply to your chosen media outlets.

Download 728px x 90px (1.1 MB PSD)

Download 468px x 60px (1.1 MB PSD)

Download 300px x 200px (1.1 MB PSD)

Download 160px x 600px (1.2 MB PSD)

Download 300px x 600px (1.2 MB PSD)



Social Media Support (Graphic & Text)

Copy and paste the following sample social media posts — identified by channel — on your company’s social media, or come up with your own. When possible, share a photo or a GIF to help the post stand out. Just remember: always use the hashtag #SIGGRAPH2017 on Facebook and Twitter.

Download 900px x 500px (24 KB PNG)
There’s no better place to collaborate with artists, scientists, technicians, engineers AND academics than #SIGGRAPH2017… where we’re exhibiting! Join us at the ♥ of #CG + interactive tech in L.A.: (via @SIGGRAPH Conferences)
We’re prepping to exhibit at #SIGGRAPH2017 — a conference packed with the latest innovations in #CG & interactive techniques. Join us 30 July–3 August: (via @SIGGRAPH Conferences)
Register to join us @ the ♥ of #CG & interactive tech: #SIGGRAPH2017. See you 30 July-3 Aug.! (cc: @siggraph)
We’re exhibiting at @siggraph! Join us in L.A., 30 July-3 Aug.: #SIGGRAPH2017
SIGGRAPH 2017 is your opportunity to explore the latest technological advances from around the world, like our latest advances! We’re exhibiting 30 July–3 August and hope to see YOU in L.A.:
Experience all SIGGRAPH 2017 has to offer… including our booth! Join us in Los Angeles, 30 July – 3 August:

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