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Augmented Self, New Interaction



Thursday, 3 August, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles Convention Center - Theatre 411

MetaLimbs: Multiple Arms Interaction Metamorphism

MetaLimbs proposes a novel approach to body-schema alternation and artificial-limb interaction. It adds two robotic arms to the user's body and maps the global motion of legs and feet relative to the torso. Then it maps these data to arm and hand motion, and to fingers gripping the artificial limbs, adds force feedback to the feet, and maps the feedback to the manipulator's touch sensors.

Tomoya Sasaki
MHD Yamen Saraiji
Charith Lasantha Fernando
Kouta Minamizawa
Keio University

Masahiko Inami
The University of Tokyo

Wired Muscle: Generating Faster Kinesthetic Reaction by Inter-Personally Connecting Muscles

Wired Muscle connects muscle activities between two persons using electromyogram (EMG) measurement and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to generate responsive movements that are faster than those generated by the visual information-based process. The system detects the muscle activity of a person by the EMG and triggers the EMS to drive the muscle of the other person to induce corresponding counter movements. In a pilot study, reaction time to the motion of another person was shortened to approximately 60 ms.

Jun Nishida
University of Tsukuba

Shunichi Kasahara
Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

Kenji Suzuki
University of Tsukuba

Stretchable Transducers for Kinesthetic Interactions in Virtual Reality

The tools of soft robotics enable immersive kinesthetic experiences in virtual reality. Using fluidic elastomer actuators, this project demonstrates a soft skin that can provide force feedback and a soft controller to simulate different objects. These novel input devices integrate with a virtual reality funhouse experience.

Bryan Peele
Benjamin Mac Murray
Jose Barreiros
Robert Shepherd
Cornell University

Josef Spjut
Omer Shapira
David Luebke
NVIDIA Corporation

Bottomless Joystick 2

Bottomless Joystick 2 provides the same kinetic sensation in midair as a normal joystick. It can be used by one person, or more than one, simultaneously. For first-person shooter games, one user can deploy two joysticks to simulate two handguns. Two joysticks can also represent feedback from ski poles, or boat oars, or a bow shooting an arrow.

Yuichiro Katsumoto
National University of Singapore