If you missed SIGGRAPH 2017 watch a selection of recorded Live Streaming Sessions.

Body & Mind in VR



Sunday, 30 July, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles Convention Center - Room 403AB

STRATA | A Biometric VR Experience

STRATA is a responsive VR experience driven by biometrics, created by The Mill. It tunes in to your heart rate, breathing, stress levels, and brain waves to remix a generative game-engine world. The stunning immersive experience connects us to our own emotional state, teaching us to calm and focus our minds.

Rama Allen
Jonathan Robinson
Mike Manh
Trent Atwood
Will Arnold
Anthony Dodero
Eric Renaud-Houde
Lauren Shields
Rachel Start
Ivan Joy

Blortasia and Zen Parade: Exploring Spatial Presence in Virtual Reality

Kevin Mack describes the creation of Blortasia and Zen Parade, his abstract virtual reality art experiences that explore the spatial presence of VR as an aesthetic medium in and of itself.

Kevin Mack
Shape Space VR

Neurable: Brain-Computer Interfaces for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Control software with your mind. Neurable’s brain-computer interface (BCI) combines novel neurophysiological insights with proprietary machine-learning algorithms. The technology allows for real-time, intent-driven interactions that address many of the pain points associated with extended reality (XR) devices. This presentation discusses Neurable’s BCI and its necessary role for XR.

Ramses Alcaide
Neurable Inc.

IRIDiuM+: Storytelling with Immersive Light Fields Beyond 6 Degrees of Freedom

IRIDiuM+ enables immersive storytelling in VR enhanced with non-linear sequenced sound, touch, and light. It extends IRIDiuM to allow branching streams of full-motion light-field video depending on user actions in real time. The deep-media aim is to allow users to physically enter rendered movies with novel non-linear storytelling capability. With the ability to change the outcome of the story through touch and physical movement, users make choices with consequences in immersive movies. The interactive narrative guides users through the immersive story with lighting and spatial audio design and integrates both walkable and air-haptic actuators.

Maggie Kosek
Disney Research, Edinburgh Napier University, The Walt Disney Company

David Sinclair
Desislava Markova
Fraser Rothnie
The Walt Disney Company, Disney Research

Lanny Smoot
Disney Research

Kenny Mitchell
Edinburgh Napier University, The Walt Disney Company, Disney Research

Babis Koniaris
Disney Research