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Materialization of Motion, Levitation, and Magnetics

3D World

FMX Conference

Thursday, 3 August, 10:45 am - 12:15 pm, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles Convention Center - Theatre 411

Materialization of Motions: Tangible Representation of Dance Movements for Learning and Archiving

With this system for learning and archiving dance choreography, users can touch and confirm the position of the body parts, review a 3D view of the dance postures, and change the position of 3D objects.

Mose Sakashita
Kenta Suzuki
Keisuke Kawahara
Kazuki Takazawa
Yoichi Ochiai
University of Tsukuba

LeviFab: Stabilization and Manipulation of Digitally Fabricated Objects for Superconductive Levitation

Aerial manipulation of material objects is fascinating and is used in many performance situations. Many scientific demonstrations and magic shows employ acoustic, magnetic, electric, and superconductive levitation. This study focuses on superconductive levitation because it has not been well explored for entertainment applications.

Yoichi Ochiai
University of Tsukuba

Magnetic Plotter: A Macrotexture-Design Method Using Magnetic Rubber Sheets

Magnetic Plotter is a desktop digital-plotting machine combined with a tiny neodymium magnet that writes fine magnetic patterns on the surface of a magnetic rubber sheet. This method enables users to freely design magnetic fields with inexpensive commercially available materials as if they are drawing pictures, and when the magnetic sheets are rubbed together, unique haptic stimuli are displayed on the fingers. The haptic stimuli can be designed by the magnetic patterns plotted on the rubber sheets.

Kentaro Yasu
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation