If you missed SIGGRAPH 2017 watch a selection of recorded Live Streaming Sessions.

Touching Holograms, Several Approaches



Wednesday, 2 August, 10:45 am - 12:35 pm, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles Convention Center - Theatre 411

Altered Touch: Miniature Haptic Display With Force, Thermal, and Tactile Feedback for Augmented Haptics

Altered Touch can be used to alter the haptic properties of real objects by rendering projected visual and haptic feedback. The wearable tactile actuator can be used in several augmented reality applications to change softness, hardness, and thermal sensation.

Takaki Murakami
Tanner Person
Charith Lasantha Fernando
Kouta Minamizawa
Keio University

ORBEVR - A Handheld Concave Spherical Virtual Reality Display

OrbeVR is a handheld spherical display based on multi-projection technology. It displays images projected by multiple pico-projectors installed inside the sphere. The infrastructure tracks the positions of the user and the display, and renders head-coupled perspectives with stereoscopic depth cues.

Olavo Belloc
Mario Nagamura
Douglas Fonseca
Andre Rodrigues
Diego Souza
Universidade de São Paulo

Celso Kurashima
Universidade Federal do ABC

Marcio Almeida
Eduardo Zilles Borba
Roseli De Deus Lopes
Marcelo Zuffo
Universidade de São Paulo

Submerged Haptics: Haptic Display Using Miniature 3D Printed Airbags

This novel method uses 3D printing technology to create waterproof wearable haptic displays. The displays are very lightweight and use no electro-mechanical actuation. A small full-range speaker transfers air back and forth through a tiny nozzle in the airbag.

Yuan-Ling Feng
Charith Lasantha Fernando
Jan Rod
Kouta Minamizawa
Keio University

Mid-Air Interaction With a 3D Aerial Display

Presenting the design-and-build process of a re-imaged volumetric display that enables mid-air interaction with 3D floating objects. The talk discusses interaction techniques that provide haptic feedback at exterior contours and mitigate occlusion conflicts during direct manipulation based on hand position relative to interior content.

Seth Hunter
Ron Azuma
Intel Corporation

Jonathan Moisant-Thompson
Intel Corporation

Dave MacLeod
Derek Disanjh

Merge Cube

This presentation showcases the world’s first holographic object you can hold in the palm of your hand. The award-winning Merge Cube gives you the power to play, learn, and explore in magical new ways. You can download apps using your tablet or smartphone, and watch the cube come to life!

Jeremy Kenisky
Merge VR