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The Academy's Scientific and Technical Awards: The Technology, the Awardees, and the Process




The Academy's Scientific and Technical Awards: The Technology, the Awardees, and the Process

Tuesday, 1 August, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles Convention Center - Room 403AB

Since 1931, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has honored the inventors and developers of the technology behind the movies. Earlier this year, 18 different technologies were awarded, honoring 34 individuals. These technologies have had a significant impact on how movies are made and have stood the test of time.

This session reviews some of the award-winning technologies, the history of the work leading to the awards, as well as the details of the Scientific and Technical Award process. Because many Sci-Tech awards over the last three decades had their genesis at the SIGGRAPH conference, this session also covers the underlying technology-transfer process.

(Panelists subject to change)

Barbara Ford Grant
VP Digital Production Services
Home Box Office, Inc.

Doug Roble
Creative Director of Software
Digital Domain, Inc.; Academy’s Science and Technology Council

Meander (Disney):
Brian Whited
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Expression-Based Facial Performance-Capture (Sony):
Parag Havaldar

Rig-Based Facial Performance-Capture Systems (IMD, DD):
Geoff Wedig
Magic Leap

FACETS Facial Performance Capture and Solving System at Weta:
Luca Fascione
Weta Digital

Open Shading Language:
Larry Gritz
Sony Pictures Imageworks

CGI Studio Renderer (BlueSky):
Maurice van Swaaij
BlueSky Studios

Arnold Renderer:
Marcos Fajardo
Solid Angle

ILM Facial Performance-Capture Solving Systems
Paige Warner
Industrial Light & Magic

V-Ray Renderer
Vladimir (Vlado) Koylazov
Chaos Group