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Production Sessions Submissions

Each year, we receive many outstanding suggestions for Production Sessions. Acceptance criteria include subject matter, appeal to a broad SIGGRAPH audience, and most importantly, inspiring and innovative work that sets the production apart from preceding work and other current projects. We are looking for great production stories AND fantastic work that gets to the heart of the project: the struggles, the triumphs, and the passion that went into making it all come together. We are especially interested in suggestions that engage attendees with interactive experiences, more storytelling about the production process, and animation and VFX projects produced for television. 

Please send suggestions to the Production Sessions Chair in a brief message that includes: 

  • Production session title 
  • Description (15 sentences maximum)
  • List of 2-5 presenters
  • If your suggestion is not appropriate for a "panel" format, no problem. Other formats are possible, or we will redirect you to a more appropriate SIGGRAPH 2017 program.

Suggestions must be received before 6 February 2017.

SIGGRAPH 2017 Production Sessions Chair

Emily Hsu


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