If you missed SIGGRAPH 2017 watch a selection of recorded Live Streaming Sessions.

Reasons to Attend


While you could add to your skill set in your spare time — studying and navigating industry trends from your home or office computer — there is nothing quite like immersing yourself in a world of cutting-edge computer graphics and interactive techniques. Whether you’re in animation, research, product development, or fine arts and design, SIGGRAPH has you covered. See below to find out how you, and your employer, can benefit from attending this year’s conference.

Get acquainted with various aspects of the SIGGRAPH conference by watching a series of short videos:

Ready, Steady, SIGGRAPH on YouTube

3D World


SIGGRAPH 2017 Reasons to Attend Learning


A relaxed yet effective educational atmosphere, SIGGRAPH 2017 is jam-packed with informative courses, talks, sessions, panels, etc. This five-day event is above all else an incredible opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the techniques that are essential to any student or seasoned professional hoping to excel in this field. SIGGRAPH 2017 is the ideal venue to learn from the world’s leading experts.

“Loved every minute. The courses were especially good.”

“An opportunity to meet and explore the possibilities of technological advancements in the industry from around the world.”



SIGGRAPH 2017 Reasons to Attend Inspiration


SIGGRAPH 2017 is where creative blocks vanish. Be inspired by the palpable energy and imagination emanating from thousands of your colleagues. Experience first-hand the latest developments in emerging technologies and apply them to your projects! This is your chance to expand your horizons both professionally and creatively. 

“The most inspirational thing you could do this year.”

“Besides the fact that you get to learn, test, and discover the newest technologies and software, SIGGRAPH gives you a huge inspiration boost. It makes you want to go and do something amazing.”



SIGGRAPH 2017 Reasons to Attend Expertise


Major companies and studios. Genius academics and engineers. Researchers and innovators. You will find plenty of astonishing work wherever you go at SIGGRAPH 2017. The Exhibition, Production Sessions, Technical Papers, and Courses are just a few examples of where you will encounter individuals who are eager to share their knowledge with YOU.

“Tons of expertise and enthusiasm under one roof.”

“It helped me define a direction in my career. The opportunity to meet creators and professionals and see how they work was the most effective way to learn.”



SIGGRAPH 2017 Reasons to Attend Engagement


At SIGGRAPH 2017, you won’t be just a casual observer. You’ll have the chance to participate in real-time demonstrations presented by today’s most brilliant minds in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Jumping into a virtual reality experience or ingenious art project, you will walk away informed and entertained.

“Think of everything that has ever made you geek out and feel so passionate about something in your whole life and put it into one feeling...That, my friend, is the feeling you get when being at SIGGRAPH.”



SIGGRAPH 2017 Reasons to Attend Exclusive


The exclusivity is two-fold. Not only will you discover amazing content at SIGGRAPH 2017 that you won’t find anywhere else, but you can also make this conference uniquely your own by simply following your interests. Whether your curiosity is peaked by art or science, your time at SIGGRAPH will be unlike any other attendee's.

“It will change you. Forever!”

“It's like stepping into the future. Nothing is impossible.”



SIGGRAPH 2017 Reasons to Attend Community


Thousands of international researchers, educators, animators, students, and pioneers in computer graphics and interactive techniques congregate at this exciting event. As a SIGGRAPH 2017 attendee, you will become a part of something bigger: A close-knit network of individuals who share your interests and your passion. Get connected!

“Immersing yourself among such diversity, united by common ideals, is an experience that cannot be replicated or accurately quantified. Its key benefit is leaving thinking if they can, I can!”