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Representative Image Guidelines

3D World


  • Every submission must include at least one representative image.
  • The image must be digital, of the highest quality possible, pixel resolution of at least 1500 x 1000, at least 300 dpi at 5 inches (12.7 cm) wide, with proportional height, or the highest-possible-resolution screen grab.
  • Images must be 24-bit (RGB, 8-bits per channel) uncompressed, in the highest possible JPEG resolution.
  • A standard ICC color profile of sRGB is also recommended and will be assumed if not specified. 
  • Horizontal (landscape) images are required. Vertical (portrait) images are not acceptable. 
  • Your image will appear in 3 X 2 ratio on the SIGGRAPH 2017 web site. Images that do not conform to this proportion will be cropped from center. 
  • Avoid embedded rules, layers, tags, masks, color models (for example, CMYK), etc. If in doubt, use an image editor to paste into a new file.
  • Please also specify copyright and image credits for each image. The file-upload manager offers an input field for this optional information. 
  • If your work is accepted, your representative image will be used both as an identifying image during the jurying and selection process, and in publications or for media purposes.
  • Higher resolution images are often favored by media for publication use, so the minimum-resolution requirement is only a guideline. 
  • It is important that you have permissions to use this image.
  • If your submission is for a technical session such as a panel or course, and you are not sure how to best represent your proposal, you may consider a picture of a speaker or an image that conveys the appropriate area of computer graphics or interactive techniques.