If you missed SIGGRAPH 2017 watch a selection of recorded Live Streaming Sessions.

Special Activities

Explore areas, events, and fun activities throughout the convention center meant to heighten your attendee experience. 


Attendee Lounge

Relax and recharge in this unique space equipped with seating and charging stations in South Hall H.


Audio Guides in the Experience Hall

SIGGRAPH 2017 wants our international guests to fully experience the annual conference. Our audio guides, produced by the International Resources Committee (IRC), contain translated descriptions of Emerging Technologies, Art Gallery, VR Village and Studio contributions.

Scan the QR code on each contributor’s sign and listen to the description of the work in your language!



Button Hunt

Whose got the button? Watch for 8-bit SIGGRAPH buttons at a variety of locations throughout the convention center. Collect and trade all seven, and see if you can find the one with the teapot on it!



Randome Experiences

Visit the Experience Hall and head to the middle of the floor for this exciting visual experience. 

Produced by students and faculty from Drexel University’s Digital Media programs, this immersive projection experience is designed to welcome you to SIGGRAPH 2017’s Experience Hall with a collection of playful animations celebrating SIGGRAPH Conferences past and present. 
With an immersive canvas comprised of four 16’x10’ projection walls and a 16’ overhead projection dome, and a pallet of SIGGRAPH themed tools spanning fundamental pixels, shaders, and basic particle systems, through to today’s motion capture technologies and procedural creation systems, this collection of vignettes is presented in gratitude to all the contributors and contributions made throughout the history of SIGGRAPH Conferences that have enabled countless opportunities for students and digital artists to bring their imaginations and careers to life.

Drexel University

Corporate Sponsors
Spitz, Inc.
Bentley Systems




Playcrafting provides game and app developers educational events, dynamic networking opportunities, and classes to help them crack the code to gaming success. View demos from Playcrafting on Sunday, 30 July, at SIGGRAPH 2017 in South Lobby.


SIGGRAPH 2017 Theme

Composed by Julius Dobbs and performed by Forgotten Future, "SIGGRAPH 2017 Theme" is the official theme song for the conference and can be heard throughout the week (and on each episode of the SIGGRAPH Spotlight podcast). Listen now or hear it live on Sunday, 30 July, in South Hall K.

Download the free MP3 Here


SIGGRAPH 2018 Booth

Stop by the 2018 conference booth to share your SIGGRAPH experience in our fun video confessionals area. Plus, look for the Tourism Vancouver team to learn more about our next city and take advantage of unique giveaways.



StudioXperience is Waskul Entertainment’s traveling broadcast studio and technology showcase. During live appearances, StudioXperience plays host to visionaries, industry leaders, creative professionals, scientists, and a wide range of interesting and talented people who join CEO Steve Waskul for long-format, unscripted conversations that are streamed live via Waskul.TV. 

Located outside of the Exhibition and near the Attendee Lounge, StudioXperience will offer one-on-one interviews with computer graphics and interactive techniques visionaries Tuesday–Thursday.

StudioXperience Schedule


Video Wall

Located in the Attendee Lounge, stop by the Video Wall for daily updates and schedule highlights. Plus, if there is overflow during live-streamed sessions, pull up a chair and watch from here.



VR Graffiti Wall: Ghost Paint

Make your mark on the first-ever virtual graffiti wall, powered by spray-paint game "Ghost Paint." Brought to you by SIGGRAPH 2017 and supported by Epic Games.