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I Like to Move it, Move it



Sunday, 30 July, 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles Convention Center - Room 403AB

Muscle Simulation for Facial Animation in "Kong: Skull Island"

For "Kong: Skull Island", Industrial Light & Magic created a face-simulation model for Kong by applying a muscle-simulation framework that allowed for targeting facial shapes, ensuring that the simulations stayed on-model. This allowed simulation to be used as a powerful tool for adding realism to facial animation.

Matthew Cong
Industrial Light & Magic

Lana Lan
Industrial Light & Magic

Ronald Fedkiw
Stanford University, Industrial Light & Magic

High-Performance Animation in Gears of War 4

This talk presents three high-performance animation techniques from Gears of War 4: a "warp point"-driven system for dealing with character traversal through irregular environments, a novel post-process-based approach to handling motion transitions, and a fast heuristic for automatically matching locomotion foot phase between animations.

David Bollo
The Coalition (Microsoft Studios)

Handling Scene Constraints for Pose-Based Caching

In this conservative, uniform method for handling scene constraints in a pose-based caching system, the constraints are organized into a special dependency graph for invalidating caches and updating rigs. The result is a seamless experience that works with all types of constraints while preserving real-time performance.

Gene Lee
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Christian Eisenacher
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Andy Lin
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Noel Villegas
Walt Disney Animation Studios

The Eyes Have It: Comprehensive Eye Control for Animated Characters

Eyes are one of the most important features in a character's performance. Blue Sky Studios has developed a set of tools and techniques to enable artists across all production departments to achieve the most compelling and expressive results when creating, animating, and shading their characters' eyes.

Pilar Molina Lopez
Blue Sky Studios

Jake Richards
Blue Sky Studios