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Industrial Light& Magic's Visual Development and Effects Simulation for Marvel Studios Doctor Strange



Sunday, 30 July, 10:45 am - 12:15 pm, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles Convention Center - Room 150/151

Industrial Light & Magic's Visual Development and Effects Simulation for Marvel Studios "Doctor Strange"

ILM developed the visuals for some of the key sequences in Marvel Studios' "Doctor Strange". This talk reviews the achievements and challenges of the production and focuses on the creative visual development for the Hong Kong and New York sequences, which presented two very different challenges. Whereas the New York sequence contains magical animation of inanimate objects, matter transformation, teleportation, energy projection, and manipulation, the Hong Kong sequence features time travel and large-scale city destruction. The talk discusses the ideas that went into the procedural creation of cities and building blocks, backwards destruction choreography and simulation, fractal geometry exploration and generation, creation of 3D kaleidoscopic geometry, warping of buildings, and 3D slit-scan techniques developed during the production.

Florian Witzel
Industrial Light & Magic

Georg Kaltenbrunner
Industrial Light & Magic