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It's Alive! Alternative Immersions



Wednesday, 2 August, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles Convention Center - Room 402AB

Field Trip to Mars

In Field Trip to Mars, the first-ever headset-free group virtual reality vehicle experience, a classic yellow school bus is home to an immersive virtual experience that transports school children to the surface of the red planet.

Andy Rowan-Robinson

Dear Angelica: Breathing Life Into VR Illustrations

For its upcoming VR experience, Dear Angelica, Oculus Story Studio wanted to immerse viewers inside a series of hand-drawn illustrations, tell a story by artfully transitioning between the drawings, and breathe life into these drawings by adding various animations and visual effects.

Robert Chen
Oculus Story Studio

Two Novel Approaches to Visualizing Internal and External Anatomy of The Cardiac Cycle with A Windowed Virtual Heart Model

Ttwo novel approaches to visualizing both internal and external anatomy of the heart through the cardiac cycle. The first uses “windows” manually cut through each chamber. The second is a rigging and control system for a more accurate wringing motion.

Dave Mauriello
Drexel University