If you missed SIGGRAPH 2017 watch a selection of recorded Live Streaming Sessions.

It's Complicated

Hewlett Packard

3D Artist

Sunday, 30 July, 10:45 am - 12:15 pm, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles Convention Center - Room 403AB

Evolving Complexity Management on “The LEGO Batman Movie”

To meet the demand for significantly increased complexity since "The LEGO Movie", Animal Logic completely redeveloped its environment toolset, centralized its brick library, released its proprietary renderer Glimpse into full production, and optimized everything from texture creation to city destruction.

Aidan Sarsfield
Animal Logic

Jens Jebens
Animal Logic

Damien Gray
Animal Logic

Simon Bull
Animal Logic

Cloudy With a Chance of Rendering

Disney's "The Jungle Book" required MPC to deliver work of unprecedented visual complexity. The main challenge was to ensure that excess capacity was provided through the flexible and scalable nature of cloud-based resources, while meeting the client's strict security requirements.

Hannes Ricklefs
The Moving Picture Company

Daniel Bergel
The Moving Picture Company

Craig Dibble
The Moving Picture Company

Pauline Koh

James Pearson
The Moving Picture Company

Animation Collaboration With Depth Compositing

This talk describes the use of depth-based compositing to accelerate collaboration among multiple artists on a single shot. This workflow allows for increasingly complex shots to be finished in less time even when dealing with dozens of animators and hundreds of characters.

Dhruv Govil
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Rendering the Darkness: Glimpse on "The LEGO Batman Movie"

The technical and creative challenges of "The LEGO Batman Movie" motivated many changes to rendering at Animal Logic. The project was the first feature animation to be entirely rendered with the studio’s proprietary path-tracer, Glimpse.

Daniel Heckenberg
Animal Logic

Luke Emrose
Animal Logic

Matthew Reid
Animal Logic

Michael Balzer
Animal Logic

Antoine Roille
Animal Logic