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It's a Material World

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Tuesday, 1 August, 9:00 am - 10:30 am, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles Convention Center - Room 153

Gears of War 4: Creating a Layered Material System for 60fps

A material management system for Gears of War 4 inside Unreal Engine 4 that allows artists to layer dozens of materials with complete material-tuning control, then cook out the results in-engine for efficient run-time performance while still supporting live parameters and layers.

Colin Penty
The Coalition (Microsoft Studios)

Ian Wong
The Coalition (Microsoft Studios)

Designing Look and Feel Using Generalized Crosshatching

An approach to obtain any crosshatching technique in any rendering system with global-illumination effects.

Yuxiao Du
Texas A&M University

Ergun Akleman
Texas A & M University

DreamWorks Fabric Shading Model: From Artist Friendly to Physically Plausible

This talk presents DreamWorks Fabric BRDF, a physically plausible fabric-shading model derived from a popular artist-friendly fabric- shading model developed for "Shrek 2".

Priyamvad Deshmukh
DreamWorks Animation

Feng Xie
Stanford University, DreamWorks Animation

Fast Automatic Level of Detail for Physically Based Materials

Using a term rewriting system, simplifications of physically based materials described in a declarative programming language can be created automatically and in real time.

Lutz Kettner
NVIDIA Corporation