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Procedural with Caution

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Wednesday, 2 August, 10:45 am - 12:15 pm, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles Convention Center - Room 403AB

Interactive Environment Creation With Sprout

Sprout is Sony Picture Imageworks' proprietary Maya-based tool for hand-dressing digital environments with large quantities of high-resolution assets like trees, plants, and rocks in an interactive and artist-friendly way.

Daniela Hasenbring
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Jeremy Hoey
Sony Pictures Imageworks

A Hybrid Approach to Procedural Tree Skeletonization

This new algorithm for generating tree skeletons utilizes both volumes and topology to quickly create accurate curve representations of vegetation assets.

James Bartolozzi
Pixar Animation Studios

Matt Kuruc
Pixar Animation Studios

Build Your Own Procedural Grooming Pipeline

ZENN is a procedural grooming pipeline for creating various kinds of body coverings for digital creatures and environments. This talk discusses how to design and implement a procedural grooming workflow within ZENN, and briefly addresses the caching and rendering process.

Wanho Choi
Dexter Studios

Julie Jang
Dexter Studios

FurCollide: Fast, Robust, and Controllable Fur Collisions With Meshes

FurCollide is a fast, robust, and artist-friendly tool used at DreamWorks Animation for collision detection and collision resolution of fur curves that helps artists interact with and control tens of thousands of curves with ease while providing high fidelity, realistic, and/or artistic collision results.

Arunachalam Somasundaram
DreamWorks Animation

Andrew Pearce
DreamWorks Animation