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Cyborg Self: Extensions, Adaptations, and Integrations of Technology Within the Body

As the growth of wearable devices continues to expand, humans are developing an ever-expanding toolset of extensions, insertions, and interventions that lead us to question the future of hybridization in our physical evolution. These new technologies change how we use innovative devices to experience the world within augmented bodies. The SIGGRAPH 2017 Studio presents a broad range of concepts related to the convergence of the physical body and evolving technologies with an emphasis on wearables, e-textiles, bio-tech, and sensory extensions across physical and virtual platforms.

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Studio Workshops

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Studio Chair

Brittany Ransom

Studio Subcommittee

Michael Bortfeld
Chrissy Cain
Lauren Copely
Carmina Correra
Fabielle Garcia
Tesia Kosmalski
Forrest Lucas
Dylan Moore

Alexis Ramirez
Chris Smalls
Courtney Starrett
Melissa Tran Nikki Viecchio
Kim Voigt
Yeri Wang
Candice Weber
Kyle Wright

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