If you missed SIGGRAPH 2017 watch a selection of recorded Live Streaming Sessions.

VR Village

Throughout the week at SIGGRAPH 2017, attendees explore the fascinating potential of real-time immersion in tomorrow’s virtual and augmented realities for exploring new modes of communication, interaction, and in powering real–world applications in health, art, education, and gaming. Installations include:

  • Artistic and scientific installations
  • Nomadic (untethered) VR
  • Collaborative and multi-person experiences
  • Games and themed-entertainment
  • Unique interactive techniques

Scan the QR code on each contributor’s sign and listen to the description of the work in your language!

See below for a list of VR Village installations.

VR Village Chair

Denise Quesnel 

VR Village Subcommittee

Ana Balliache 
Monica Capiello
Casey Kwock
Tom Wysokowsky

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3D Artist