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Nate's Conference Schedule


Nate Newbie (First-Timer)

Here's my schedule for the week at SIGGRAPH in case you'd like to join me.

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Sunday, 30 July

Experience Presentation
VR/AR & Optics
9-10:30 am, Theatre 411

Industrial Light & Magic’s Visual Development and Effects Simulation for Marvel Studios Doctor Strange
10:45 am-12:15 pm, Room 150/151

Effects Omelette
2-3:30 pm, Room 152

The Academy’s Science and Technology Council Presents “Hidden Figures” in Collaboration With NASA
3:45-5:15 pm, Room 152

Technical Papers Fast Forward
6-8 pm, South Hall K

Production Sessions Movie Screening: Cars 3
9-11 pm, South Hall K


Monday, 31 July

Hair It Is!
9-10:30 am, Room 403AB

Keynote Session: Fireside Chat With Floyd Norman
11 am-12:45 pm, South Hall K

AR and VR Futures
2-3:30 pm, Room 403AB

CGIStudio: Thirty Years, one Renderer
3:45-5:15 pm, Room 403AB

SIGGRAPH 2017 Reception
8-10 pm, California Science Center


Tuesday, 1 August

History of the JPL Computer Graphics Lab
9-10:30 am, Room 408AB

Production Session
Stories the Ocean Tells Us: The Making of “Moana”
10:45 am-12:15 pm, South Hall K

Poster Sessions
12:15-1:15 pm, South Hall J Entrance

The Academy’s Scientific and Technical Awards: The Technology, The Awardees, and the Process
2-3:30 pm, Room 403AB

Production Session
ILM Presents: Behind the Magic, the Visual Effects of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”
3:45 am-5:15 pm, South Hall K

Real-Time Live!
6-7:45 pm, South Hall K


Wednesday, 2 August

Alt. Workflows
9-10:30 am, Room 402AB

Production Session
Behind the Headset: The Making of Google Spotlight Stories’ “Son of Jaguar” and “Sonaria”, and Oculus Story Studios’ “Dear Angelica”
10:45 am-12:15 pm, South Hall K

Production Session
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
2-3:30 pm, South Hall K

Production Session
Game of Thrones: Building and Destroying Meereen
3:45 am-5:15 pm, South Hall K

Production Session
Sony Pictures Imageworks Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation, Imagination and Creativity
5:45 am-7:15 pm, South Hall K

Computer Animation Festival 
Electronic Theater
8-10 pm, South Hall K


Thursday, 3 August

Realities of VR Production
9-10:30 am, Room 408AB

Experience Presentations
Materialization of Motion, Levitation, and Magnetics
10:45 am-12:15 pm, Theatre 411

An Interactive Introduction to WebGL and three.js
2-5:15 pm, Room 408AB


Important Tip

As you assemble your schedule, don’t forget to allocate some of your “free time” to a slow stroll through:

The Exhibition’s energetic real-time marketplace of technology
South Halls H/J

The Experience Hall’s Art Gallery, Emerging Technologies, Studio, and VR Village
South Hall G

Posters packed with speculation and achievement
South Hall J Entrance

Production Gallery, a one-of-a-kind exhibit recognizing the art, processes, and physical materials involved in bringing major studio projects to the screen. 
Concourse Foyer